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Yoga For Back Pain Techniques

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Nowadays a large number of people in the world are suffering from the low back pain. Not only the persons that remain busy in work while in sedentary position but also professionally trained athletes complaints about low back pain. There are so many reasons behind the low back pain. According to a research organized in USA, every person will face low back pain once in any stage of life.

Sitting During Office Hours Leads Toward Low Back Pain

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The reason behind this pain may occur due to remaining in sedentary position for so many hours due to the office work. Due to sitting in the office for more than 8 hours in 6 days of a week will definitely lead toward low back pain. Many of people thinks that these kinds of pains are just for few days and it will automatically completely vanished by eating tablets, but low back pain increases day by day and it require a complete yoga work for vanishing the pain.

Low Back Pain in Athletes

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Many of athletes often complaints about the low back pain. You are definitely thinking that an athlete’s job is to remain busy all day long in exercise and work out, so what are the reasons behind low back pain? Don’t worry, we are here to clear you mind. During the exercises and work out, the lifting of heavy weights often cause tension in the back and it leads toward the low back pain.

How To Get Relief From These Low Back Pain?

Many of physicians are working on the tension of low back pain, but here we are presenting an easy and cheapest solution for low back pain. There are some exercises in yoga for back pain.



The best exercise for in YOGA FOR BACK PAIN is giving strength to the hamstring also known as supine hamstring stretch. This exercise needs 5 to 10 minutes. The stress of back pain will be reduced after repeating it. This exercise just requires round towel. This exercise requires few steps that are listed as below

  • Lay down on the Floor and Straight the leg toward the sky
  • Place a towel around your foot
  • Use your heel of foot for pushing the towel toward ceiling
  • Repeat this step for few minutes
  • Repeat this step for both legs for maximum 10 to 12 minutes

The Yoga for back pain is strongly recommended to those people that are feeling pain from long time in their back. As we have already discussed that the people who remain in a position of sitting for 3 to 8 hours feel the tension in their back. There are various exercises of yoga for back pain. Following a single exercise for a month will lead you toward the pain free back. In United States, the doctors are recommending yoga for back pain due to positive results gain by this kind of exercises. If you have facing the same problem of low back pain, we suggest you to follow any of yoga exercise.

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