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World Best Foods For Weight Loss

Nowadays, weight loss becomes the major issue because everyone wants that they look pretty in each style. Now a day, the major problem is the many people have greater weight; it means that increase in the body mass. There are many factors of gaining weight.

best foods for weight loss

world best foods for weight loss


Peoples do not concentrate on their diet and health. But we know that all peoples want a slim body. Weight is increased when the muscles mass and body fluid will increase.

Weight loss means that the reducing of total body mass. Weight loss is not just about going down according to a specific dress size, but it’s about improving your lifestyle in many ways.

Losing weight also reduces the risk of high blood pressure, heart diseases, and many other health problems. If you are over-weighted then first of all make some changes in your diet and try to do some physical activities such as exercises and walk.

To overcome this problem, we mention effective BEST FOODS FOR WEIGHT LOSS. Enjoy!


weight loss by mushrooms

If you are trying to lose your weight then Mushroom is the best food for weight loss. Mushroom provides nutrients and proteins, unlike the beef.

According to a research report, if you eat a mushroom you feel satisfied and relax as when you eat same dishes like beef.

Cooked mushroom provides you unexpected proteins because cooked mushrooms are the source of proteins.

Try to eat cooked mushrooms, because nutrients are in the higher amount in cooked mushrooms then raw mushrooms. Mushroom also includes a decent amount of fibers, copper, Iron, Potassium, Zinc and selenium.



Eggs are the perfect way to start your day is you want to lose their weight. Eggs are the best food for weight loss because eggs contain an ingredient that helps you to reduce your calories that you consumed during each meal.

Eggs contain a higher amount of healthy fats, proteins, and vitamins A, E, D and B12 that makes you feel active with the low amount of calories.

According to a research report eat an egg in breakfast, makes you fell full for a longer time and you feel less hungry all the day and as a result you eat less in your next meals.


Green vegetables are the best food for weight loss that you can eat daily to improve our body weight. Green vegetables include Spinach, Cucumber, Mustard green, cabbage and Broccoli as well which has the ability to fight cancer.

Green vegies for weight loss

Using green vegetables for weight loss is the smart idea because these vegetables contain fibers , vitamins and proteins and also low in calories as well.

A vegetable contain a lot of water then burns your body fat and also protect you from many heart diseases, skin diseases, diabetes and even cancer.

Vegetables are the excellent source of vitamin A, B, C and K also include the decent amount of calcium in it which is the best food for fat burning.

Eating green vegetables is the excellent way to improve the volume of your meal, with low calories. Due to the great amount of fibers, it reduces the risk of gaining weight.



Green tea is the effective drink for and considered as best food for weight loss because it contains a power full ingredient known as “polyphenols” which helps you to dissolve triglycerides that are deposited in your body.

Weight loss by Green Tea

Green tea also boosts your endurance level which means that you can exercise for a long time to maintain your body and thereby aiding the weight loss.


As we mentioned above, meals with the low energy tend people to eat lower calories. Low energy meals mean that the food with the excess of water. As we know that water is the powerful ingredient to burn your fats, so just add water to your food by making a soup in spite of a solid food.

Healthly Soups to lose weight

Start your meal with a cup of soup, which stops you eating more. Don’t add fat ingredients such as butter and cream in your soup because due to fatty ingredients your body mass will increase.



Beans are very beneficial for weight loss because they contain some resistance starch. There are many beans available in the market they include; kidney beans, black beans, and many other beans.

beans help in weight loss

Beans are also the great source of proteins they also contain vitamins and fibers but slow to digest. So this means that you feel full after eating beans and then they stop you to eating more.



Avocadoes is the nutritional fruit that helps you a lot if you are trying to lose tour weight. It includes many healthy fats and beneficial nutrients including potassium and fibers that give you the feeling of fullness.

Fruit which helps in weight loss

You can fully satisfy with food and proper digestion also takes place if you eat avocados in addition with salad.


Many people think that chocolate is the major reason of weight gain, but now those days are gone.

There is great news for you if you are a chocolate lover and that news is the dark chocolates can aid in weight loss because it contain beneficial amount of coco powder which is rich in antioxidants and there it helps a lot in losing weight.

chocolates for weight loss

Pick a piece of dark chocolate or two during the meal instead of milky chocolates because milky chocolate increases your body mass due to the rich amount of fats in it.


Oats are the best foods for weight loss due to the balanced amount of fibers, proteins, vitamins and healthy fats.

According to a research report, those peoples who ate oats tends to be leaner and healthier than those who don’t eat oats.

lose weight via oats

Oatsim proves your metabolism and also a powerful ingredient for weight loss. Taking a bowl of oats in breakfast, keeps you full and also boost your metabolism thereby burning fats.



Salmon is the best diet if you want to lose your weight because it contains a very healthy weight loss tool which is omega-3 essential fatty acids which help you to reduce inflammation.

salmon for healthy diet

After eating salmon, you feel fully satisfied because it keeps you full throughout a day with the balanced calories. Salmon is full with healthy fats, proteins, vitamins and many other healthier nutrients.

Some other fishes also play an important role in weight loss such as trout, herring, sardines, Mackerel and many others.


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