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What Causes Acne And Its Treatment

Anyone can endure with acne because it doesn’t matter where you from are or what is your age. Acne normally happens to people because the skin is dissimilar. There are various factors which are the main cause of the Acne.

It is always an interesting question that WHAT CAUSES ACNE. Actually this is happen due to dry skin and scarcity of hygienic food and insufficient water. As all types of skin need moisturizer, you need to use moisturizer cream or oil to your skin and face for which you can avoid the skin acne. These are different causes are there for Acne these are like:

  • Stress:


Stress plays a vital role for the development of Acne. Normally human body releases hormones and chemicals that normally turn into toxins and become waste at the time of tense. Some of these wastes expel through the skin and assist to create the acne in human skin

  • Hormones:

    Hormones have a big hand to develop the acne. Due to hormone fluctuation teenager face many problems to their body and skin.These cause regular breakouts of pustules, pimples and cysts. The acne which is related to hormone produces extra oil so always use cream that can help you to remove the oil from your skin.

  • Chocolate:

Many people believe that sweets and chocolates are the main reason for acne but there is no such research found about it. No one give 100 percent surety about this matter.


  • Cosmetics and skin protection products:

Cosmetic and skin protection products choose is very important. It totally depends upon your skin type. If your skin is oily then use oil free skin that provides better nutrition to your skin. So before choose a cream for your skin, it is essential to consult a doctor. Always choose cream according to your skin.


These are some important cause of your skin acne.  The life style and your environment is what causes acne. So you need to know the better home remedies for these acne problem. Never try any cream without consulting a doctor it can be harmful for your skin.

Always choose a cream which is suitable to your skin. There are diverse types of acne normally sees on people skin which are like Acne Vulgaris , Acne Rosacea, Acne Mechanica, and many more. These can happen to you so you need to aware of this acne. Consult an expert Acne specialist for better treatment of your skin acne.

For acne treatment, salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxidesis two best agents. Doctors normally advise to use these composition cream or oil to remove your Acne from your skin. If you keep your skin neat and clean then you can easily avoid any type of acne. So always wash your skin with good water. People normally use home remedies to prevent acne. This is good because there is no fear of any type of side effect.

People use homemade almond face mask which is very useful for your skin. Some people use warm salt water for their bath and some use apple cider vinegar to balance the Ph of the skin. You also follow internet to get the best treatment for your skin Acne. Many experts suggest diverse treatment methods in search engines for Acne. Healthy food, sufficient water and clean environment can easily avoid skin acne.

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