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Makeup ideas for catty brown eyes

Do you also keep struggling every time you have to put on makeup? Whether you are trying to allure him or just experimenting with some makeup, these simple makeup ideas for brown eyes will be very helpful to you. These tips will come handy when you plan to rock some party or just look gorgeous on a date.

These tips are specifically for makeup for brown eyes. There are so many shades available which can make brown eyes really pop up.

The very first layers

Step 1- Apply any primer all throughout the eyes

This will help the eye shadow to stay for a longer time. So you can dance, drink and enjoy yourself freely without having to worry about your makeup.



Step 2- Base Coat

Some amazing shades of eye shadow for brown eyes are purple, dark green, pink, dark blue, brown, maroon, etc. You can choose any one of these shades. Just apply this shade all throughout the eye lid with the help of a fluffy mid size eye shadow brush. Fill the shade only till the crease. Do not go beyond that.

Makeup ideas for brown eyes

The crease

Step 3- Fill color on the crease

This will help in adding dimension and some dramatic look to the eyes. It is not important as to which color you use as a base as almost all the shades go quite well with brown. With the help of a brush apply some brown shade on the crease. Start from the end of crease and go towards the inner part.

Considering a matte shade of brown would be great. Apply it on the crease and give an elegant contrasting shade to it. This will make the eyes look warm and also bring your natural shade out.

Step 4- There are a lot of makeup ideas for brown eyes but you need to see which one suits yours.

Take a blender make up brush. Since this brush is slant it helps in bledning 2 shades. It just does it in the perfect way so that the eyes look natural and not weird.

Makeup ideas for those catty brown eyes


Step 5- Adding the highlighting shade

This is the most important step in makeup for brown eyes. A highlighting shade will pull up and clean up the entire look of the eyes. Just take a pointed brush and apply some shimmery pink or white shade or any shade which is lighter than the shade of your skin. Apply it on the bone of the eyebrow.

Step 6- Eyeliner

Although eyeliner is not that important part of makeup for brown eyes, but if you want you can apply it. Go in for a black shade, but make sure you apply a size zero line.

If you want that appealing retro look, then replace the eye liner with copper, bronze or gold shade of eye shadow.

Makeup ideas for those catty brown eyes

Step 7- Mascara

Just look downwards and apply the mascara at the roots of the eye lashes. Wiggle from the left side and then pull-up.

These simple makeup ideas for brown eyes will make a lot of heads turn for sure.

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