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Good Nutrition Along a 1200 Calorie Diet Plan

It is a known fact that when your aim is to lose weight, then the amount of calories you eat should obviously be lower than the calories you use up. And because of that women need a meal plan which actually offers 1200 calories per day. It should be noted that women must not go below 1200 calories because below 1200 calories will be unsustainable and it will no help in the long run.

A 1200 calorie meal plan will work best for women who want to lose weight because it is the minimum calories you can take per day while also consuming all the nutrients which you need to perform throughout the day. Knowing this it is very obvious that 1200 calories per day does not mean that you eat fries, chocolate and other sugar treats worth 1200 calories because that is only going to make you lazy, you will not look good and neither will you be able to concentrate on anything. You can also be at risk for many health problems.

While being on a 1200 CALORIE DIET, you need to make sure that the plan you follow has nutrient packed foods which contains plenty of vitamins, proteins, fibre, complex carbohydrates and other minerals. A plan which has all these will not only keep your stomach full but also keep you fully energetic throughout the day.

It is very important to state here that this 1200 calorie diet is only for women. If men want to lose weight, their minimum calorie intake should be 1800 calories. So for them it would be an 1800 calorie diet. The reason for this is that men generally have more muscles and less fat than women so even while resting they burn more calories. A diet plan for men should also include plenty of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins and fibres, but their minimum calorie intake should be 1800 unlike women whose should 1200.

No Wastage of Your Precious 1200 Calories

You should divide up your calories for the day; 300 for breakfast, 300 for lunch and 300 for dinner. The remaining 300 should be for snacking. Having said this, it is also important to know what is good and bad for your diet. If you are spending 300 calories on your dinner or lunch you definitely do not want to spend half the calories on a 330ml coke bottle (142 calories) along your meal. A bottle of coke will not just waste your calories for that particular meal but also give you a short lasting energy boost after which you will feel a sudden energy crash. And on top of that you will also be tempted to have something else sweet. And with that your diet plan will just go down the drain. Therefore, it is much better to plan a diet plan with unprocessed foods which are packed with everything that you need to give you energy throughout the day.

Details of 300 Calorie Breakfast Plan

Many people believe that if they skip breakfast, they will be able to lose weight. Whereas, a healthy breakfast of 300 calories will give you the required energy and nutrients to keep you going the entire day. Below are some examples of healthy breakfasts which you can incorporate in your 300 calorie breakfast plan:

1200 calorie diet plan

300 calroies breakfast plan

  • Whole meat toast with cinnamon, cottage cheese and sliced banana
  • Beaked eggs with whole meat toast, spinach and feta
  • Vegemite whole meat toast with boiled eggs
  • Whole meat toast with spinach and baked beans
  • Skimmed milk, frozen berries or shredded apple, skim milk and untoasted muesli with low fat yogurt.
  • Peanut butter on whole meat crackers

Details of 300 Calorie Lunch Plan

People who suffer from the midafternoon slump should know that it is because they have not had the ideal lunch. Even if we avoid foods that are high fat foods, having white rice, white bread or sugary drinks leads to a short lived energy hike followed by a terrible energy crash which eventually makes us reach out for something sweet. The trick of the ideal lunch is to avoid foods that drain energy and instead choose foods that are nutritious and energy boosters. Below are some examples of healthy lunch which you can incorporate in your 300 calorie lunch plan:

300 calories lunch plan

  • Salad sandwich and roast beef on whole meal bread
  • Whole meal crackers, chicken and salad
  • Pesto toastie and chargrilled eggplant made with whole meal bread
  • Whole meal Pita pocket filled with any of the following: ricotta, chicken and zucchini or coleslaw and tuna
  • Ricotta whole meal wrap, capsicum and egg plant

For drinks, water is obviously the best. If you want a change then squeeze a fresh lemon in a glass of sparkling water and some fresh mint in it. You can also have herbal teas since they contain minimal calories. Just stay away from sugary soft drinks and you’ll be fine.

Details of 300 Calorie Dinner Plan

It is actually quite difficult to be cautious at dinner time especially when you’ve had a hectic day at work. The temptation of just getting rid of the diet plan and rewarding ourselves is alarmingly overwhelming. The trick is to choose your dinner plan well filled with nutrition and delicious food so that it is easy not giving in to the temptation and also your stomach stays full till the morning. Below are some examples of healthy dinner which you can incorporate in your 300 calorie dinner plan:

300 calories dinner plan

  • Chickpea pie and chunk vegetables
  • Spiced rice and lamb cutlets
  • Shredded coleslaw and sticky barbeque beef
  • Chinese broccoli and ginger salmon stir fry
  • Cherry tomatoes and whole meal tuna spaghetti with lemon

Details of 300 Calorie Snacks Plan

Do not eat packets of chips or sweet treats otherwise there’s no point of the diet. Instead make healthy choices for example you can have some of the below mentioned snacks as part of your plan:

  • Frozen berries with low fat natural yogurt
  • Hummus and veggie sticks
  • Some strawberries and a banana
  • A few lavish crackers with sliced dried fig and reduced fat tasty cheese

300 calories snake plan

With regular exercise, regular following of your 1200 calorie diet plan, calorie-free beverage every day, multi-vitamin and calcium supplements you are bound to lose weight quickly. And this weight loss will not make you look weak and sick because throughout the diet you are having healthy and nutritious food which is boosting your energy every day to make you easily go through with your hectic day. And the best part is that you get to experience many new varieties of food when your try out different menus on a daily basis. So, good luck to all the ladies out there who are planning to go on a 1200 calorie diet soon. You guys can do it!

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