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reasons for womens hair to fall out

Five Reasons for Women’s Hair to Fall Out

Beauty in a woman is always judged by her hair. How long they are, how thick they are, etc. are the type of questions that all women are familiar with. A women’s mind is usually engrossed in trying out ways and tips to make her hair long and beautiful. There are many reasons as to why women’s hair falls out.The most common reason for hair fall is a hereditary condition which is called female pattern baldness that occurs slowly and gradually and is visible in the hair line pattern. This results in the thinning of the women’s hair.

reasons for womens hair to fall out

Most women’s hair start falling at the rate of 50 to 100 a day but this loss and thinning of scalp hair is not noticed because new hair grows during this time but when this cycle is disturbed due to the damaged hair follicle and replaced with scar tissues, it is then when women notice the problem of the thinning of hair There are many reasons for hair falls, if not treated on time can cause severe damage to the roots and follicles. Genetic loss is the only hair loss in which the follicle gradually gets smaller and finer and produces smaller and finer hair until it stops altogether and then you get the thinning of hair.

It is proven that women have lesser hair loss than men, but thinning of hair is the most common reason for hair to fall out“.

Dermatologists have proved that the reason for hair fall in women may occur due to many conditions. They may be simple or temporary reasons or sometimes complex or higher vitamin deficiencies. Let us see what they are:

Five Important¬†Reasons for Women’s Hair to Fall Out:

(1) Over Use of Styling Equipments:

Studies show that a huge number of women use heating gadgets such as hair dryers, electric rods or straighter and even heated rollers. These instruments are now a part of our lives, one cannot even think of surviving without them. The prolonged and regular use of such gadgets along with the chemical setting gels, foams, etc burn the hair roots and dries out the follicles. Consequently the result is hair loss.

(2) Physical Stress:

Physical stress, illness, surgery, over work or too much work at home or the work place can also cause a temporary hair loss.

(3) Harmonal Changes:

Hormonal changes usually occur after giving birth which also plays an important part in hair loss. Many women face critical hair related issues, one of which is the hair fall during this period.

(4) Dieting:

Nowadays, every woman wants to look slim and smart and start a dieting process without consulting a dietician. They keep themselves hungry the whole day and think in this way they will make themselves smart. But the actual fact is that they are just playing with their health. The sudden weight loss destroys the ability to produce the essential vitamins required for the body. Protein deficiency remains a crucial factor for hair loss.

(5) Lack of Sleep:

Sleep also plays an important role in having healthy hair. Lack of sleep leads to fatigue, anxiety, and illness. In short, hair fall is not caused by one factor it is the work of many reasons which lead to such situations. It is all a matter of time that relates hair fall was never known to women in the previous years. The sophisticated gadgets used and treatments done nowadays to make the hair healthy and beautiful are not capable to resolve hair issues or problems in the right sense. Yet women spend hours and hours in salons to get treatments done. It is such a waste of time and money.


Now the most important question which arises is how to prevent the hair to fall out. Many researches in medical science show us various treatments to put an end to this great problem. However, a proper diet, exercise, good oil massaging and last but not the least KEEPING AWAY FROM HEAT INSTRUMENTS is the best way out.

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