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Best Yoga For Back Pain

Having severe back pain? Go for some yoga. A number of researches have proved that yoga which is being practiced since ages emphasizes mainly on stretching, flexibility and strength for soothing soreness. It has also been shown that yoga is even capable of trumping the regular care of back-pain when it is about improving the functioning of the back. Thus, Yoga for back pain is an effective and useful technique.

While Yoga for back pain  is not that great if you are having severe backache, the occasional or chronic soreness may be relieved with the help of different postures which help in lengthening the spine, strengthening the muscles and to return to your normal position.

  1. Downward facing dog

This is a classic posture of yoga which is a wonderful body stretching exercise. It targets mainly the back- extensors and the muscles which are large which form the lower- back, give support to the spine and also help in standing as well as lifting objects.Yoga for back pain

Start on the hands & knees with the hands in front of the shoulders. Now by pressing your back, try to raise both the knees slightly away from floor & lift your tail bone upwards towards ceiling. For additional hamstring stretch, push the heels towards the floor. Stay in this position for at least five to ten seconds and again repeat it.

  1. Child’s pose

It might look as if you are resting but the child’s pose is a very active stretching exercise which helps in elongating your back. It is also a very effective de stressor before going to bed.39

Start with all fours. Stretch your arms in the front and sit back so that the muscles of the butt come in a resting position but do not touch the heels. Stay in this position for at least five to ten breaths. Repeat this exercise as many times as you can.

  1. Pigeon’s pose

It can be a little tough for people who have never done yoga before. It stretches the hip- rotators as well as the flexors. It may not look like the most prominent position for treating the back pain, but the tight butt contributes in lowering the back ache.28

Start by facing downward with the feet together. Draw any one knee in the front and turn it to the other side so that the other leg bends. Lower both the legs towards the floor. You can keep the other leg expanded and straight.

  1. Triangle pose

This is a great pose to strengthen the back as well as the legs and it can help in lengthening the muscles along with the torso.40

Stand straight keeping both the feet joined. Now lunge any one foot 3 to 4 feet back & point the other foot out at an angle of 45 degrees. Move your chest towards the side & open the position by stretching the other arm towards the floor and the first arm towards the ceiling, with both the legs absolutely straight. You might not touch the floor with your arm at once, so don’t try to over stretch.

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