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Approach Stretches for lower Back Pain

Constant sitting at the workplace for a long time without unwinding a little bit cause exhaustion and it has become one real problem for the office holders and corporate employees. It has been observed that, most of these people after arriving at the office sit at their desks for a longer period of time without even relaxing. Even at lunch time, they sit at their desks or at the canteen and then again go their cabins for finishing the works which entails more and more sitting. Afterwards, on their way of return to home and while relaxing at the home after a time span of tiring works, long-drawn-out sitting gets involved. It seems very relaxed to watch the TV while sitting with comfort at the couch but anatomically speaking, this particular habit has numerous bad impacts on the lower back muscles, like hamstring and iliopsoas. Hence, if you are interested to learn some of the most effective stretches for lower back pain, you have come to the right place.

lower back pain

A fact has been derived from concrete surveys regarding lower back problem which ism for the most part it has become a common complaint of all the people. There are many muscles, ligaments as well as tendons which are considered as the soft tissues present in the back portion of the human body, which are get affected by continuous sitting due to shortening and then straining of these tissues.One strange fact related to this topic is that severe back pain can be perceived in case of athletes also. However, everybody knows that the athletes are not inactive and they don’t spend most of their days sitting at one place. So, how can they have the same problem like the corporate employees? The athletes do all sorts of exercises, like running and jumping which involve speedy movements of the muscles and there is no doubt in it. But, when these work outs are followed in a repetitive manner, tension arises on the lower back portion of the body that tightens the soft tissues and if thorough stretching is not taken into consideration, long-term problematic issues might be occur.

Most of the eminent health care experts recommend going for appropriate yoga which will not only give you relief, but also your lower back pain will vanish in not-so-distant future. According to the top physicians across the globe, without these stretches many employees suffer long-term back pain and the chances of diabetes as well as heart related diseases get elevated.

STRETCHES FOR LOW BACK PAIN in the form of cardiovascular exercises:-

There are some consequential yoga poses given below which should be followed in order if you have a lower back pain problem. But, remember one thing always while going through these workout take deep breaths while continuing the exercises.

1st Stretching:  Supine Hamstring Stretch


Bend the right knee of yours towards your chest while lying on your back. For proper workout fasten a strap or else furl a towel to the ball of your foot. Then, set your leg straight in the direction of the ceiling and force yourself out with the help of putting some pressure on the heels.When, you feel strain on your lower back, bend your left knee and then set your foot on the floor. Stay hold to this position for at least three to five minutes. After that, do the same pattern with your left knee by bending it close to the chest and again stay in that position for three to five minutes. It is one of the most effective stretches for lower back pain.

2nd Stretching: Two-Knee Twisting

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At first lay down straight by your back and set your arms at T-shape. Then, bend the knees and bring them close to the chest. While breathing out deeply, lower the knees towards the ground on the opposite side. While doing the exercise, push down both the shoulders tightly. Sometimes, the shoulders lift, in this situation lower the knees carefully from the arm and hold on to this pose for one to two minutes.

3rd Stretching: Sphinx

stretches for lower back pain

In this particular type of stretch, you have to lie down on your stomach and support your body with the help of your forearms. Both of your elbows should be aligned with the shoulders and then start pushing yourself towards top by pressing the ground through your palms as well as with the top portions of your feet. Then, try to induce some pressure on your pubic bone towards forward direction.At this exact point, you will feel some sensations in the lower region of the back of your body but don’t get stopped and continue with deep breathing.With this pose stay about one to three minutes and blood flow will be in progress towards your lower back and so it is a therapeutic approach among all the otherstretches for lower back pain.

4th Stretching:  Pigeon

pain at back yoga

Take your right knee and bring it at the back of the right wrist. While doing this, be careful that your lower portion of the leg stays at a position exactly diagonal to the left hip of yours. Then, prepare to settle the hips towards the floor. Then try to bend in the forward direction. Make your elbows wider and then put one of your hands on the other like placing a pillow under the forehead. Stay in this pose for about two to three minutes and after holding up the position, switch towards the left orientation.

5th Stretching:  Thread & needle

thread and niddle yoga

Sometimes, it has been noticed that the 4th stretch “Pigeon” is shows difficulty in case of some people. They complain about problematic issues regarding their knees, for which the 5th category of stretch should be taken into account, which is known as Thread and needle.

You have to first lie on your back and then you have to bend both of your knees. Try to stay flat on the floor and then twist your right knee to shape a figure of “4” in between your legs. This structure should cover the area from the outer portion of your left ankle to the upper portion of your left thigh. Then, raise your left foot into the air by making parallel level of your left calf to the ground. Then lockbox of your hand by bringing one hand between the thighs and one hand from outside. Hold this pose for around two to three minutes and then repeat the process with alternate side.

6th Stretching:  Legs up

yoga for pain release at back

Place your buttocks by supporting it into the wall and then move both your legs towards the forward direction to the upper side of the wall. Among all the stretches for lower back pain, this pose is good for loosening upthe lower back muscles. With this exercise the muscles drain all the fluids from the lower part of the body, especially from the foot as well as the ankles. Experts recommend this pose after heavy workouts and this stretch is effective for relaxing the soft tissues after long journey. Stay hold to this pose for at least five to ten minutes as it is a comforting one.

Other important tips regarding stretches for lower back pain

While continuing the stretching yoga in a routine manner, some of the essential points that should be kept in mind, otherwise it can cause back injuries. Those points of concern are

  • Always wear comfortable exercising outfits that are relaxing in nature so that it won’t get tethered around your body.
  • Don’t exert too much force while doing this yoga as this whole exercise should be done with absolute pain-free manner.
  • Don’t get wind up by pressurizing yourself into a tight spot from where you can’tunwind yourself easily.
  • Slow movement towards the stretch pose is always good so that you can stay away from bouncing. It is because; the state of bouncing can cause tearing of muscles.
  • Always choose a large flat surface to do the stretches with clean moves so that you can loosen up the tight muscles quite freely on a spacious area.
  • Stay put to the stretches for the above-mentioned time period. It is because, muscles of human body take some time to loosen up.
  • Specialists suggest repeating these stretches at certain time intervals so that your muscles will never go the fatigue state. Hence,exercising the stretches in appropriate manners for five to ten times a day will invigorate your strength.

However, after following all these effective stretches for lower back pain in proper manner, if still your lower back pain doesn’t get lessened, then it is better to consult a good physician. It has been seen that in case of patients who have severe back pain, it needs weeks and even in some cases it takes a month to revitalize the soft tissues and for this reason, a thorough course of stretching should be undertaken. On the other hand, it is guaranteed that after going through months of these yoga stretches a constant relief will be there with you wherever you go.

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