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Acne Scar Removal Techniques

Acne are the most horrible face that almost every teenager faces, the havoc of acne even does not leave some persons even their early twenties, the worse thing about acne are the scar left by the acne, which are usually radish in color and seems quite ugly, damaging your beauty so of such scars. You should get rid bringing a damaging and ugly looking thing. Well, there is no reliable and effective method to get rid of acne scars overnight or like a magic in two or three day or even in a week, so what you need patience and better skin care, as acne scar removal is a time taking process. Which will prove it a fruitful tip for getting the rid of such scars?

Here are some homemade remedies and precaution tips for removal of the acne scars:

Which Remedies are NOT Recommended?

herbal acne techniquesThe  remedies ACNE SCAR REMOVAL which show immediate results are usually not effective and have serious side effects especially on the sensitive skin so on should be careful while using the  remedy, the  ingredients used in the remedy should have a pH level  that matches with the human skin. The ingredients like the lemon juice, baking soda though have a magical effective for the removal of scars.


Applying the lemon Juice:

 scar removal techniques

lemon juice for acne scars

Simply squeeze the lemon juice, and mix the lemon juice with the water in the equal amount and dip a small piece of cotton in this solution and put it on the red spot on your skin, for 10 to 15 minutes.

Applying the Baking Soda:

Just take baking soda and put some water in the baking soda to prepare a paste and apply it on your skin, it will also show magical results.

Which are Effective Remedies for Acne Scar Removal?

An effective remedy always takes the time to show its effective results, which are everlasting with long term results. Their pH level matches with that of the skin, so they are not damaging the skin while they are repairing it so one can apply them without bothering. Some of the major remedies are.


Honey has a queen status for the skin it has a magical effect on the skin repair and skin care. You can apply any honey in its simple pure form or as a mixture with other herbs. Use honey in its pure form avoids using honey in the processed form, so try to buy it directly from honeybee farmers.


 alovaraAloe Vera gel is an extraordinary treatment for acne scar removal.

You can simply take a leaf of Aloe Vera break into pieces and apply its gel on the affected spot only twice a day.

Ice Cubes:

Take a mall price of ice cubes and put them on the affected portion, more amazing results you can use a green ice cube.


 Potato massage is also an effective remedy. Cut potato into medium size thin slices and massage it on the affected area for 10 to 15 minutes so that all the minerals of the potato slice are absorbed by the skin.

Coconut Oil and Olive Oil:

Both the oils are very good for your skin health you can simply massage your skin with either of them.

Malicious Tips:

Beside such remedies, you should consult your dermatologist about your skin, and drink enough water.

Laser therapy and plastic surgery in case of more serious and stubborn acne scars:

If such remedies are not showing good results then you the option would be often is laser treatment, skin filler, and plastic surgery, for acne scar removal. The most common treatment is skin fillers which need you to under grow throughout the same treatments after every 6 to seven months

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